uncertain about the fate of one of your reindeer?

found a dead reindeer in the forest which you cannot identify?

spent hours searching for dead or injured reindeer?

Our product makes these questions redundant:

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Anicare provides the perfect tool for reindeer owners and cooperatives to verify reindeer injuries or death caused by predators and traffic accidents.

About tracking

active tracking

Tracking and management of Rudolf devices is carried out via the free Anicare mobile application.

You can record detailed information about your reindeer, so you know exactly which animal has been fitted with the Rudolf device. In the default mode the application provides data on the location of your reindeer once a week.

If your reindeer’s life is under threat, you will receive within hours a separate alert on your phone and be shown the location of the individual on the Anicare application map with an accuracy of up to five metres.

If you are not able to get to the location yourself, with the help of the Anicare application you can share the reindeer’s location and data with other Anicare application users.

Additionally you can check the route taken by a reindeer fitted with a Rudolf device, as the application always displays the last five recorded locations.

Do you have any questions about the device or how to use it?

You may find the answers quickly by looking at the questions from other users here.

Where it all started?

Our story

The best ideas are generated in good company, with a steaming mug of campfire coffee and surrounded by the colours of an autumn landscape. At least this was the case with Anicare back in autumn 2016, after a long day herding reindeer turned to evening and different generations of herders were discussing the current state of reindeer husbandry and the challenges it was facing.

That was a good while ago and a lot has changed since then, but there has been a growing desire to do something to modernize reindeer husbandry and develop technology to lend a helping hand to this traditional form of livelihood. In terms of technological innovation it appears that reindeer husbandry has been left behind, not least in terms of manufacturers offering technological advances to the industry. This is despite the fact the sector can be regarded as very significant in terms of Finland’s global image. Anicare Oy has grown out of the know-how and interests of the right group of people. It offers problem-solving products which serve the reindeer husbandry industry and reindeer owners in the way they want.

Anicare’s aim is to ensure that traditional reindeer herding continues to be a viable source of livelihood now and long into the future.


The Rudolf device can easily be attached to the animal’s ear like a conventional ear tag using the compatible applicator. It must be registered for use within five days of attachment using the identification marker. Activation is simple via the Anicare mobile application.

The autonomous smart device continuously detects the animal’s activity levels and state of health. Monitoring of multiple vital signs avoids false alerts and ensures an extremely short response time when a change occurs. The device has been designed and built specifically for reindeer and the Arctic conditions in Lapland, so it is extremely robust and reliable.


A reindeer fitted with a Rudolf device can be tracked via the Anicare application based on the location data available once a week. With the aid of location data you can predict the movement of the herd and react to it as required. You will receive a notification in the application if there is a sudden change in the health of your reindeer. This innovation enables the product to continue operating for up to five years without any post-installation handling.

The latest available NB-IoT network technology offers seven times the coverage of a normal mobile phone network even in challenging terrain. This network is available throughout Finland.


If the Rudolf device detects radical changes in the health of a reindeer, it reports the precise location where the change has occurred. The animal can therefore be located on a map using the Anicare application and reached as quickly as possible. This allows trouble-free verification of the cause of the injury and the animal’s owner.

The location of living and deceased reindeer on a map can easily be shared between selected Anicare application users. Data can also be shared with those who have created an account for the Anicare application, but do not have any active Rudolf devices.