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Used to attach Rudolf devices.

● A moulded pistol grip which can set to any angle.
● The automatic applicator pierces the ear with the tag before the animal can react.
● Magnets contained within the applicator activate the device immediately prior to attachment.

Please note
If the Rudolf device is attached without using the compatible applicator, we cannot guarantee its activation. A nonactivated device cannot be connected to the Anicare application.
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Before using the device please read the extensive operating instructions for the device and its accessories.

Quick start guide
1. Attach the female part of the tag to the Rudolf device compatible applicator
2. Attach the Rudolf device inside the metal holder on the grip side of the applicator
3. The Rudolf device is activated and a red light flashes on the device
4. Remove the identification marker from the Rudolf device by pulling and twisting
5. Position the device in the correct spot on the right ear and squeeze the spindle through the ear
6. Rotate the device a few turns in both directions and ensure that the device is able to turn freely in the ear and that no hairs remain in the hole in the ear
7. Add the device to the Anicare application