The Rudolf device

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Rudolf device

The Rudolf device is attached to the reindeer’s ear, which can also be used to track the animal’s location. The Rudolf device reports the death of a reindeer within hours and you receive a notification directly via the Anicare application on your mobile device. In the default mode the device reports the precise location of the reindeer once a week.

● Extremely compact and lightweight, can be used with reindeer over 6 months old
● Active health status tracking, accurate death reporting within hours
● Maintenance-free, operating life up to 5 years
● Weatherproof and waterproof, tested in Finnish Lapland

The Rudolf device does not include an active annual subscription. The subscription must be purchased separately. Choose the Rudolf device if you already have an existing active annual subscription or want to buy spare Rudolf devices.
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Rudolf devices can be reliably used for verification of injuries caused by predators and traffic regardless of location and environmental factors. Due to its compact size and low weight it does not disturb or endanger the animal and the reindeer’s outline remains almost unaltered. The Rudolf device requires an active annual subscription in order to function.

Ear tag use in reindeer husbandry is a well-established and proven practice and therefore ensures secure and reliable attachment of the Rudolf device through all seasons. Anicare ensures that the latest features are available in all Rudolf devices so that their operation is accurate and reliable. Unlike other IoT network technologies, NB-IoT also allows device software updates for devices already in use.

You can also pay flexibly via installments with an up to 36-month payment plan. The option to pay in installments is selected during the payment process.

The Android and iOS applications can be downloaded via the app store logos below: