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What do we offer you?

Insure Your Animals

A product that combines traditional reindeer herding and new technology, bringing you a way to actively monitor your animals’ health.
This innovative device enables you to find an injured or ill animal from the wild, quickly and accurately.
This product is protected with a utility model.

Active monitoring of health

Learn about monitoring

The device is attached to animal’s earflap and it autonomously measures different vital functions of the animal for a time span of approximately two years.

The device can report changes in the animal’s vital functions and send its exact location to the owner immediately, thus enabling the rescue and treatment of an injured or ill animal as quickly as possible.

Active monitoring of health

Sense It

This autonomous, smart device senses animal’s activity level and health continuously. By measuring several different vital functions, possible false alerts can be avoided and it also leads to very short response time if changes are identified by the device.

Know It

Changes in the animal’s health are communicated to the animal owner electronically. The latest IoT network technology provides data communication even if cell phone network coverage is not available in the area.

Find It

If the device detects changes in the animal's health an alert with exact location of the animal is sent to its owner immediately. Anicare device communication is carried out via Anicare application in your smart phone or computer. The location of the animal is then shown on a map and it can also be shared with other Anicare users.

Our story

What Anicare Is All About

Tarina 1

Best ideas are generated in a good company, with a steaming hot cup of coffee in your hands, and surrounded by the rich colors of autumn. At least this was the case with Anicare. It was in the end of a long day gathering reindeer and many generations of herders were changing ideas and just talking about the situation and challenges of reindeer herding in the autumn of 2016.

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It's been a good while since this happened, but there was something that gave us the urge to bring modern day tools to reindeer herding and offer help in the form of technology to this traditional source of livelihood. It looks like reindeer herding has been falling behind the evolution of modern technology due to minimal interest seen by the device manufacturers and service suppliers. Reindeer herding still has an important role in Finland's image as a Nordic country. Anicare was born when right people with know-how and interest met. Anicare will be offering solutions and services that clearly help reindeer herders the way they have always wanted.

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Anicare's goal is to keep reindeer herding a profitable and meaningful source of livelihood, now and in the future.


The device is designed to withstand arctic climate, its design is kept simple and robust so that it will last in the harshest of conditions.

Innovative* technical and electrical solutions in the device enable it to run reliably for over two years without battery change.

The battery changeover is made simple and quick and the operation can be carried out even in the wild(erness). The device (transmitter) is individualised and its technical lifespan is greater than one reindeer’s expected lifetime.

* protected by utility model

Easy to Mount

The device is easy to mount with a clamp, just the same way as conventional ear tags.

When mounted, the device is activated via smart phone application or web browser.

Activation details can be found from the resale package and it must be carried our within 24 hours from mounting.

Small Size

The latest technology and novel ways of networking make this device very compact.

The device is light and it can be mounted on any size and age of reindeer, even soon after birth.

The device doens’t disturb the animal in any way in any situation.