GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS is an online store for Anicare Oy’s own products or related products. Payment services are provided by Collector Bank AB, through which payment is made securely and reliably.

These delivery terms and conditions describe Anicare Oy’s (VAT-number: 2877114-9) delivery terms. The delivery terms include information on, among other things, the delivery methods and prices of the online store, return policies and payment methods.

All our prices include the current VAT and are quoted in Euros (€), unless otherwise stated.

We reserve the right to cancel the transaction or make price changes, if the ordered product or its price does not correspond to the actual market price due to, for example, a technical or human error in the online store.

We reserve the right to change prices and conditions without notice.
When ordering, the customer agrees to these delivery terms and conditions.

Other terms and conditions

Anicare Oy is not responsible for any inhibition, delay or difficulty in the delivery of the order due to a factor beyond Anicare Oy’s control like war, natural disaster, export or import ban, decisions of the authority, disruption of public transport or energy distribution, labour dispute or any other similar activity or situation that complicates or prevents Anicare Oy’s operations such as death, illness or any other lesser or humanly justifiable obstacle or disturbance.

If a disagreement concerning the trade agreement cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer may refer the matter to Consumer Disputes Board ( ). Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board the consumer must be in contact with the Consumer Advisory Service ( ). The consumer can also take their e-commerce dispute to the Dispute settlement body through the ODR-platform ( ) if the seller and the consumer cannot reach an agreement.