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unaware of the fate of your reindeer?

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found a dead reindeer in the forest that could not be identified?

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spent hours looking for a dead or injured reindeer in the terrain?

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Our products make questions useless:

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The Rudolf device enables

reliable reindeer tracking

The Rudolf device — developed by Anicare — provides a reliable and easy way for reindeer herders to track reindeer and to verify possible accidents quickly and accurately. The Rudolf device allows you to track all of your reindeer — including calves and bucks who so far have lacked a suitable tracking solution.


Very small and lightweight, can already be used on six month-old reindeer


The device is attached to the reindeer's ear just like a regular earmark


The spatial information obtained on Sundays will show you the exact location within meters


You will receive a notification of the death of your reindeer within a few hours time through your Anicare application


The device lasts up to five years without battery replacement


Modern IoT network technologies provide the best coverage



Tracking and management of Rudolf devices is carried out via free Anicare application for mobile devices. You can record detailed information of your reindeer, and you will know know exactly which animal has been fitted with the Rudolf device. In the default mode, the application provides data on the location of your reindeer once a week. As a new upcoming feature during Spring 2022 you will also be able to ask for the location of your reindeer whenever needed.

If your reindeer’s life is under threat, you will receive a separate alert on your phone within hours and will be shown the location of the individual on the Anicare application map with accuracy of up to five metres. Additionally, you can check the route taken by a reindeer fitted with a Rudolf device, as the application always displays the last five recorded locations.

The Anicare program provides the accurate terrain maps of the Nordic countries, even when your mobile phone does not have a network connection. Anicare program allows you to share your reindeer´s location and information with other Anicare users.

The story of Anicare From reindeer herder to another reindeer herder


The best ideas are generated in good company, with a steaming cup of campfire coffee poured from a soot pan and surrounded by the beautiful colours of an Autumn landscape. At least this was the case with Anicare back in the autumn of 2016, after a long day of herding reindeer turned into an evening and different generations of herders were discussing the current state of reindeer husbandry and the challenges it was facing.

That was a good while ago and a lot has changed since then, but a sparking desire has grown to do something to modernize reindeer husbandry and develop technology used, so that we could lend a helping hand to this traditional form of livelihood. In terms of technological innovation reindeer husbandry was left behind and manufacturers were not really offering technological advances to the industry. This was despite the fact the technological sector can be regarded as very significant in respect for the global image of Finland. Anicare Oy has grown out of the know-how and interests of the right group of people. It offers problem-solving products to reindeer husbandry and reindeer owners from their perspective.

Anicare’s aim is to ensure that traditional reindeer herding continues to be a viable source of livelihood now and long into the future.

Our solution for the reindeer husbandry

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Select a service agreement when,


Are you interested in acquiring for yourself, or is your herding district/cooperative interested in acquiring more at once for a cheaper price? You get all the benefits of the Rudolf device when all your reindeer are being tracked. In this way, an accidentally dead reindeer is not left undiscovered, or when the winter turns severe, you will be able to bring your reindeer into additional feeding in time.

We offer a service agreement for the individual orders of more than 50 pieces, which means that the cost per device is very affordable. The service contract customer opens up the possibility of more comprehensive support and service.

As a contract customer, you get discounted prices for products and subscriptions €5 month / reindeer

The contract is made for at least three (3) years

Extended equipment warranty during the contract period

Be the first to receive updates on interfaces and the application, as well as support and advice on how to use them

Told by our customers

Here is how Rudolf has helped us

The reindeer husbandry area is large and the reindeer husbandry in different areas is diverse. We can draw a lot of knowledge about reindeer husbandry from our own experience, but because of its diversity, our customers play a vital role in developing a product and service that serves the reindeer owner in the best possible way, regardless of location, making heavy work a little easier.

Customer satisfaction is everything to us. We apply honest northern thinking and keep our promises. This is evidenced by satisfied customers.

I ended up with the Rudolf device for reindeer tracking because it was easy to install and carefree to use.
A reindeer owner
I chose Rudolf because it allows me to follow all the reindeer and that’s how I get every reindeer in the fence for the winter.
A reindeer owner