New technologies are revolutionizing animal welfare monitoring and research

A new era of animal research with new technology

The new technology removes the limitations that have traditionally been encountered in animal monitoring and research.

For research use we offer the Anicare Nano Track device and service for tracking an animal’s location, as well as the possibility to collect data on the animal’s health, activity and behavior.

Anicare’s device has been used with reindeer in Finnish Lapland for several years and it is also currently being used successfully for research with other animals.

Anicare Nano Track is a small device that attaches to the animal’s ear with a battery life of up to 10 years. A comparable device has not been available for research use before.

Anicare device for detailed detection of vital signs

With the help of the device developed by Anicare Oy, data can be collected accurately and individually and above all in such a way that the measuring device itself does not interfere with the result.

The compact and lightweight device is based on a proven livestock marking method used for decades involving attachment to the animal’s ear. This method has been found to be the least stressful for the animal.

In animal research our device opens up new opportunities to collect accurate temperature, movement and location data from the animal’s ear, allowing all the animal’s functions to be verified. The unique placement on the animal’s ear enables the device to be used in locations where data collection has been challenging or near impossible, either technically or in terms of the animal’s physiology.

A new kind of opportunity to study animal behavior

The attached video shows an example of how Anicare’s Nano Track device is used to collect detailed animal welfare data. The video highlights an animal wearing the Anicare Nano Track device. The diagram shows the activity of the animal and the sectors show the different behavior that the device recognizes:

Green sector: Moderate activity – Rumination by ruminants

Orange sector: High activity – Time to eat and exercise

Blue sector: Low activity – Sleeping or resting

The Nano Track device can be taught to individually track the desired information about different animal species.

Nano Track can track behavior at this level for over 10 years

Also a traditional locator

Anicare offers assistance to research organizations that want to map the health and activity of both domestic and wild animals in a more comprehensive way.

Anicare’s self-developed device and data analysis service can be customized to meet the user’s specific needs. The requirements of each research project are determined on a case-by-case basis. A solution is created together that serves these requirements in the best possible way and offers ready-processed data based on predefined definitions. In this way research can focus on measuring and analyzing the concrete results. In practice this means for example providing users with rumination times.

Summary and contact

Anicare offers a service that supports and acts as a tool for research. Our service makes it possible, perhaps for the first time in the world, to verify animal behaviors of interest to many research organizations which were not previously possible to verify.

If your organization is interested in utilizing the possibilities offered by the latest technologies in future research projects, the reliability of which has been verified, contact us as early as possible and we will find a solution that serves your needs.