Rudolf mounting pliers

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Used to install the Rudolf device.

● Shaped pistol grip that can be placed at any angle.
● The automatic applicator pulls the pin from the ear before the animal responds.
● The magnets on the pliers activate the product during the installation phase.

Please note
If the Rudolf device is installed without the appropriate mounting pliers, we cannot guarantee that the device will be activated. An inactive device cannot be connected to Anicare.

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Please read the extensive instructions for the device and its accessories before using it.

Quick guide
1. Attach the female part of the device to the mounting pliers.
2. Attach the Rudolf-device inside the metal chute of the handle side of the mounting pliers.
3. The Rudolf-device gets activated and lighted up red.
4. Pull and rotate to remove the ID card from the Rudolf-device.
5. Place the device in the correct position on the right ear and squeeze the spindle through the ear
6. Rotate the device a few turns in both directions to make sure that it rotates freely and fur does not get caught in between.
7. Add the device to the Anicare-app