Rudolf device

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Each Rudolf device requires an active subscription to work

The Rudolf device
The Rudolf device is a “death alarm” mounted on the reindeer’s ear, which can also be used for tracking the location of the reindeer. The Rudolf device will notice the death of the reindeer within a few hours and the notification will come through the Anicare app on your mobile phone. In normal mode, the device reports the exact location of the reindeer once a week.

● Very small and light, can be used with reindeer over six months old
● Active health monitoring, accurate death notification in hours
● Maintenance-free, up to 5 years
● Weather and water resistant, tested in Finnish Lapland.

The Rudolf device does not include an active subscription and can be purchased separately.
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The Rudolf device can be used reliably, regardless of location and environmental factors, to verify predator and traffic damage. Due to its small and light size, it does not cause any harm or danger to the animal and the image of the reindeer remains almost intact. The Rudolf device needs an active subscription to work.

The ear attachment has been found to be a solution that works in reindeer husbandry, and thus the use of the Rudolf device is safe and reliable all year round. Anicare ensures that all Rudolf devices always have the latest features to ensure accurate and reliable operation.

Unlike other IoT network technologies, NB-IoT network technology allows you to update device software to existing devices.

You can also pay flexibly in instalments with a payment period of up to 36 months. The instalment is selected when making the payment.

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