The Rudolf combo pack

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Rudolf — a small and light tracking device for your reindeer
● Active health monitoring, accurate death notification in hours
● Weather and water resistant, tested in Finnish Lapland
● Automatic positioning, exact location once a week
● Can be used on reindeer over six months old

One device — specific interface covers all services/functions
● The subscription is valid for 365 days from the date of activation
● Very accurate spatial information and good coverage even in areas with bad connection
● Verification of damages caused by carnivores
● Follow your reindeer on your phone or tablet
● Share / follow the reindeer shared with you

Maintenance free and carefree to use
● No battery replacement
● The completely maintenance-free Rudolf lasts up to 5 years in any weather
● Two year warranty

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Rudolf devices are connected to the free Anicare app, which monitors device activity and receives reports of death and weekly location.

The Rudolf device constantly measures the state of health of the animal and thus insensitively monitors changes in it. Notification of the change will come to Anicare as a placemark on the map for what happened during the hour. This allows the cause of death and the reindeer owner to be verified quickly and seamlessly.

The Rudolf device is installed with compatible pliers that activate the device during installation. BUY FROM HERE

The location of the device in the animal’s ear allows for a quick response to changes in the animal’s health. This avoids, for example, the delay in death reports based on spatial data.

Our device is designed to work in the ear, so the NB-IoT network works optimally and the reliability is almost 100% and the position information is accurate.

You can also pay flexibly in instalments with a payment period of up to 36 months. The instalment is selected when making the payment.

Android and iOS apps can be downloaded from the app store logos below: